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Barefoot to Boeings 

Barefoot to Boeings is now available. Whether you are interested in aviation or Australian history this book is a journey down memory lane from life on the farm and the outside dunny to the perceived luxuries of jet aircraft. It is a small glimpse into the life of an airline pilot, which it took a lifetime to play out.

A Better Life

A Better Life is a memoir about an Italian immigrant who headed to Australia seeking out a better life. What happened when he arrived upset him, yet his longing for a better life was the motivation he needed to continue to seek his dream.

The book is in its final draft.

Where Bullies Lurk

Where Bullies Lurk is based on real events and a self-help book. There is no doubt that bullying is real and can have a damaging effect on everyone involved. A bully can be anywhere - sometimes you just don’t know who they are until you are affected. 

The book is in draft stage.