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Barefoot to Boeings

Whether you are interested in aviation or Australian history this book is a journey down memory lane from life on the farm and the outside dunny to the perceived luxuries of jet aircraft. It is a small glimpse into the life of an airline pilot, which it took a lifetime to play out.

This is a book about dreams and persistence. Imagine if you could follow your dream and how good you would feel about your life’ s journey. It’ s sometimes not an easy road to follow, you need to look after your health and well-being along the way, and you have to be prepared to make sacrifices. Please enjoy Brian’ s story, it will help you to believe that anything, including your own dream, is possible.

Success requires the ability to dream and the persistence and determination to see it through. It doesn’t just happen without drama or obstacles being put in the way. When the journey gets hard, take up the challenge and never give up. It will be worth it.

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What people are saying:

Andrew Jobling:   Author & Writer : Speaker : Mentor, Barefoot to Boeings is a wonderful story of a feisty, adventurous and courageous man. Karen has been able to capture the true spirit of Brian, his life and his aviation journey. This book made me laugh, cry and reflect on a time when there was no technology, as we are spoiled with today. A time when true grit, an adventurous spirit and a sense of humour were all you needed for incredible achievement. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to be inspired, entertained and engaged. Karen has done a wonderful job and is a talented author. I loved it!

Julie, Melbourne:Barefoot to Boeings is the inspiring story of a boy who dreamed who could fly  and who did! Rural Australia has breed many rousing stories, and the tale of Brian Crane's rise from barefoot lad to TAA Boeing pilot is one such story. It is a tale of reaching for your dreams, and never stopping, even when failure seems the most likely outcome. It is also a fascinating insight into the aviation industry in Australia - from its beginnings out of World War II through to the modern era.

Margaret,Victoria:I purchased Barefoot to Boeings and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your book has given me an impetus to write my life history for my family.

Deb, Amazon Reviewer: Excellent story! Keeping writing Karen I want to read more! ★★★★★