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Karen is the author of two published books and is on a mission to write stories about ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives. 

When she meets people for the first time, she asks them about their lives, their stories, and how they came to do what they do. She often thinks there's a book there, but they say no one would be interested in their story because they are just ordinary people. 

Karen sees something different in that they are not just ordinary people but also living extra-ordinary lives. She believes these stories are important not only for the family to remember but also for society to reflect on what life used to be like.

There is no doubt Karen is passionate about writing about ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives and playing a part in keeping history alive.

Editing and Publishing Services

Having self-published her own books, Karen offers editing and publishing services across genres on small or large projects from concept to completion.

Tailored packages are available and include editing, mentoring, self-publishing, layout and formatting, book trailers, and advice/assistance with audiobook production.

Read what Karen's clients have to say about her editing and publishing services. To discuss your editing and publishing services requirements, please contact Karen to discuss them.

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Editing and Publishing Services

Karen offers editing and publishing services across genres on small or large projects from concept to completion...

Media and Events

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