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Welcome to My Site 

I have wanted to be an author for many years and have always enjoyed writing. From having a dream to be an author and the determination to see it through, my resolve and hard work has been worth it. I have now published my first book Barefoot to Boeings, a memoir about a boy who had a dream to fly. Find out about my new books.

Over the last decade or so opportunities have arisen allowing me to be involved in some amazing events. My early publishing experiences were with academic conferences. Since then I have published a chapter in a textbook for nursing students, an essay for a professional organisation, and an article for a worldwide aircraft company newsletter. For a short time, I was also editor of a vintage aeroplane newsletter.

Publishing my first book has not been easy and on my journey, I have mourned the death of family and close friends, have been bullied and suffered chronic health issues. I am now looking to inspire others to live a positive meaningful life. 



Karen Guest


My childhood was full of adventure and fun was what we made it. My family lived on the outskirts of a small country town at a time when everybody knew everybody else, where they worked....


Whether you are interested in aviation or Australian history, Barefoot to Boeings is a journey down memory lane from life on the farm and the outside dunny to the perceived luxuries of jet aircraft.....