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My childhood was full of adventure and fun was what we made it. My family lived on the outskirts of a small country town at a time when everybody knew everybody else, where they worked, and who they spent their time with.

As a child, I went everywhere with the family dog, through the cane fields and cow paddocks and sometimes chasing rabbits. I sometimes went through a neighbour's property to go fishing (those who know me will find that hard to believe).

My father, a keen fisherman, often took the family on boat trips around the bay. I recall one trip we stayed at a local camping place, which at the time was just an old run-down hut near the beach. It was such a creepy place.

For over 27 years I worked as an administrator at a university and towards the end of my tenure as a tutor and elected part-time student member of the university board. During this time I completed two undergraduate degrees and changed my career by being accepted into a government graduate program before moving into a private business.