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A Better Life - An Italian Immigrant's Journey

All of us look for a better life, but only a few do what it takes to live an extraordinary life.

Umberto’s story takes the reader on a journey through time.

As a child in war-torn Italy, he sold firewood during the bitter cold of winter to help his family. As a young adult, he emigrated to Australia, where he was humiliated and treated with suspicion.

From the inevitable struggles of learning a new language, Umberto learnt how to catch rabbits before working as a sugar cane cutter in the harsh conditions of North Queensland.

Eventually, as a farmer, he went on to grow tobacco and sugar cane, before building a residential and commercial property portfolio.

Through all of this, Umberto’s dream for a better life never waned. His story is about triumph over adversity and is evidence that with persistence and determination, you can live the life you dream about.

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